London neighborhoods

Walthamstow neighborhood

Walthamstow neighborhood

Choosing and understanding which is the best neighborhood in London depends on many factors that must be taken into account before deciding where to live. When we talk about Walthamstow, we are talking about a neighborhood that turns out to be one of the best possible options from different points of view. Strategic locationWhere is Walthamstow located? Walthamstow is located in one of the
Where to see the best murals in London

Where to see the best murals in London

Political slogans, social messages, rebellion and tributes: all this and even more in the amazing murals of London. There are those who consider them an art form and those who think, instead, that dirty the city. What are we talking about? Of the murals, which in London are a real feature of the urban landscape. It is no coincidence that the greatest artists of the so-called "street art" s
How to live in the 3 area: all the advantages

How to live in the 3 area

Deciding where to live in a city as big as London can become a problem. Choosing the 3 zone could be the solution. Let's see, then, how to live in Zona 3. Arriving in London, ready to stay there for quite a while, the first problem you will have to face will be deciding where to live. The English capital extends for miles and, of course, living in the heart of the city n

The most expensive neighborhoods in London

London is undoubtedly one of the most expensive cities in all of Europe, and for some time it has become among the most expensive in the world. Finding cheap accommodation in the city is never an easy thing, and this makes the UK capital less and less accessible to most people (Read "What are the best neighborhoods to live in London"). The most expensive neighborhoods of

The cheapest neighborhoods in London

Moving from Italy to London is never a simple thing. New regulations, new lifestyles, different ways of thinking and a higher price for life. The capital of the United Kingdom is in fact one of the most sought after and sought after destinations by young people who wish to create a better future. However, to change your life, you need to prepare yourself and get good information, for example on what they are

Lesbian clubs in London

London is considered the most gay friendly city in Europe. Lots of LGBT events and parties are organized every year. England is really full of unbridled discos, sophisticated bars and informal and friendly pubs. But which are the lesbian clubs in London not to be missed? In this guide we will see in detail which are the most famous places
Is London at night dangerous? Safe neighborhoods and neighborhoods that are not recommended for going out at night

Is London at night dangerous? Safe neighborhoods and neighborhoods that are not recommended for going out at night

Like any big city, London is dangerous at night. It is statistically proven, worldwide, that most crimes are committed during the night, so, especially if you visit some of the neighborhoods that are not recommended due to the high crime rate, it is always partially dangerous to go out alone at night in unreliable areas. In this article
economic zones

What are the best neighborhoods to live in London?

If you plan to move to London, a key point that you will need to evaluate will be that of the neighborhood where you are going to take home. In this article we will try to see which are the best neighborhoods to live in London hoping to provide you with all the information necessary to then make your assessments. In addition I will also try to specify which areas of London are less expensive eq
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