Studying in London

You would like to study in London so you can quickly learn the English language so you can find it right away a job with excellent earnings? No problem! Thanks to our school you will have the possibility to learn English in a simple but above all fast way.

Today knowing English is no longer optional but is mandatory. In fact, most companies that are looking for staff, necessarily require knowledge of this language.

Let's face it, how much time did you spend attending English courses that didn't bring you any results? Definitely a lot! Let's not talk about the self-taught initiatives, because you know, you can only improve to a certain extent, no?

Unlike other English language courses, our courses are completely innovative, dynamic and always in step with the times. In fact, they have been designed and structured to let you talk fluidly after just a short time.

Study English in London

English language course in London.

Currently there are hundreds of schools and services that offer the possibility of being able to learn the English language, but many of these schools do not adopt a suitable system to make the student quickly learn the language. It is no coincidence that their policy is to teach grammar more, devoting very little time to the practice. All this is obviously absolutely wrong.

Moreover, unlike these schools, in ours college you will find professors who are native speakers qualified to teach who have achieved certifications recognized at government level both in terms of teaching methods and in terms of their pronunciation. Yes you read that right. It is not said that a native speaker has a perfect pronunciation of the English language (this also happens in Italy, don't you think? Think of your high school professors, how many actually spoke without having a dialectal cadence?). At our college in London, you'll surely come across professionals who have the right language skills and innovative and dynamic teaching methods.

Is this just the difference with other English schools? Absolutely not!

Following one of our courses in London you will have the opportunity to experience the culture of the place every day, knowing in depth all the essential aspects of London life through the multicultural experience of our teachers.

Other advantages of following an English course in London:

  • Practice 24 hours on 24 the English language;
  • Unlimited access to the E-Learning platform
  • All the teachers are young and of English origin;
  • IELTS exam preparation;
  • Flexibility on lesson times;
  • Weekly tours with the whole class;
  • Discounts on the Oyster Card;
  • The certificate issued at the end of each course is recognized throughout the world;

Learn English in London

To learn another language you need practice, lots of practice. This is why our courses are focused on both grammar and practice, favoring a unique experience that consists of one full immersion total in language and culture.

For example on 3 hours of lessons, 1 hour and a half is devoted to grammar, while the other hour and a half is dedicated to the communication and practice of the grammar learned.

Our goal is not just to make you fluent in this universal language, but our course will also give you a good foundation to be sure of yourself when you speak English with other people.

If you come to London in search of work and don't speak English well, our 8 weeks course will come in very handy to you. In fact, when you are called for an interview with your future employer, you will be able to converse easily by increasing at least 90% the possibility of being hired.

So surely now you are wondering, "why should I study in London by relying on Living London Way and not relying on others?"

Below we will answer your question in detail by listing all the services offered and what benefits you will have in choosing our English course in London.

Study in London and get a Cambridge English language certificate recognized worldwide.

Thanks to our English school in London you will have the chance to learn or improve your English level. In fact, it is possible to buy preparation courses for beginners, at intermediate level, and also courses in order to achieve the IETLS certificate.
All our courses can be started in all months of the year and registrations are always open.

Currently we have several active study cycles:

  • 8 April - 1 June;
  • 6 May - 29 June;
  • 3 June - 27 July;
  • 1 July - 24 August;
  • 29 July - 21 September,
  • 26 August - 19 October
  • 23 September - 16 November;
  • 21 October - 16 December;

Another important difference with other English schools in London, is that with our courses, you will have the possibility to freely choose the day and time of lessons based on your needs. So if you work, you won't have any problems.

We can also provide you with an official document to be presented at work that certifies that during a certain time and on certain days of the week you will be engaged in a prestigious college to improve the language. In this way no employer will be able to avoid recognizing that you are doing something that will surely improve your work at your company and will be "forced" to change your shifts (if you are here in London) according to your study hours. Not bad, right?

But it's not over here! After the first lesson in the classroom you will also have the opportunity to study English directly online through the platform dedicated to your course of study.

Currently no English school allows you to review an online lesson previously held in the classroom. In fact, through our platform you can review the lessons either from your PC or even directly from your smartphone. In this way, if something is out of focus in the classroom or you want to go deeper into a certain topic, you can do it easily at any time of the day.

To make the course of study offered even more advantageous, each student will have at his disposal a personal tutor who will have the aim of guiding him throughout his Channel.

English courses available in the London offices.

We have a wide range of courses available. The ones most chosen by our students are the following:

  • 1 level: By choosing this course, you will have the opportunity to improve your 1 level English level in 8 weeks. For example: from Beginner to Elementary;
  • 2 levels: By taking advantage of this course you will have the opportunity to improve the English level of well 2 levels in 16 weeks only. For example from Beginner to Pre-Intermediate;
  • 3 levels: By choosing this course you will have the opportunity to improve your English level of 3 levels in 24 weeks.

Undecided about which course to choose in order to learn English correctly? No problem!

You can contact us at any time to request information on courses available at our colleges in London. Furthermore, one of our experts will be at your disposal advising you, based on your needs, the best course of study and will search together with you for best accommodation available for the date of your arrival.

Therefore, our school not only offers an English course for every age but also a personalized English course for each student. In fact, we have a basic English course, an English course for a medium level and an advanced English course, which will help you to speak English perfectly.
Finally, you can also choose courses of study focused on the professional sector.

E-learning platform with unlimited access

As we have already anticipated, our school allows you to study English directly online. All this is possible thanks to the most innovative E-learning platform currently on the web.

Inside you will find all the material you need to learn or improve your level of English.

English language certificate: Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL and much more.

Once you have completed your study of 8, 16 or 24 weeks, you can take the final exam to obtain a Cambridge certificate of English.

So why choose our English school? The answer to your question is very simple.

Let's assume that you decide to enroll and attend an English school in Italy. This school offers lessons lasting up to 2 hours. These lessons are performed maximum 2 times per week. During these 4 hours of lessons mainly grammar concepts will be explained. Do you think this approach is correct in order to learn English?

Now let's assume that you've decided to buy our English language course.

Our policy is to encourage our students to speak English all day and not just a few hours a week. During the lessons, in fact, not only grammar topics will be treated, but you will be totally immersed in the English language, with practical examples and real situations to be simulated and put into practice in everyday life.

Furthermore, every week our school organizes trips with all the students of the course. The purpose of these excursions is to facilitate the learning of the English language by making new and solid friendships between students from all over the world.

Finally, every student in our college will be released discounts student card. Thanks to this card, all students can take advantage of 30% discounts on their online and offline purchases (including a discount on the Oyster Card).

The partner brands of our school are the following:

  • Apple;
  • Nike;
  • Adidas;
  • And many other international brands.

In your opinion, which of the two teaching methods is the best? As you know, to be able to quickly learn a language you have to practice it day by day and apply it in everyday life.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to improve your level of English send us a message.

If you want to live in London and want to leave with the security of a room and a job, fill out the contact form below and in less than 24 hours you will receive a detailed reply.

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